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I’m a type and graphic designer based in Amsterdam. I first studied graphic design in Lucerne and later worked at a multi-disciplinary design studio in Hamburg. I graduated from TypeMedia in 2007 and founded my own studio in the Netherlands in 2008. For many years I assisted in the extension of the Taz family at LucasFonts in Berlin. Currently I’m a member of the Bold Monday team, and organise letterspace.amsterdam, a monthly series focused on diverse approaches to type within the Amsterdam design community.

My studio practice focuses on typedesign while still maintaining a strong interest in graphic design. My strengths are at their best in combination, for instance, when a corporate identity benefits from a custom type-face.

I’m also available for small requests that take advantage of my expertise as a font engineer.


1979 Born and raised in Switzerland

1996–2000 Graphic Design study in Luzern at Fachklasse Grafik

1998 Internship at Spinform Design Lenzburg

1998 Internship at feldmann+schultchen Design, Hamburg

2000–2006 Designer at feldmann+schultchen Design, Hamburg

2006–2007 Master TypeMedia at KABK, The Hague

2007–2016 Type designer LucasFonts in Berlin

2008–now eWalthert Studio in Amsterdam

2012–2017 Amsterdam office of Orange Council

2016–now Type designer Bold Monday

2017–now organising and hosting letterspace.amsterdam