Alpen Display and Text, custom typeface for Bühne Burgäschi by Edgar Walthert. THIS IS AFRICA typeface for Ghetto Radio by Edgar Walthert with Esther de Boer Toneelmakerij typeface by Edgar Walthert in collaboration with Esther de Boer


In 2018 Bühne Burgäschi requested a new identity for their newest production, the Swiss folklore operetta GRÜEZI. As a reference, the operetta organisation pointed to classic Swiss tourism posters from the 1930s and '40s. Inspired by the typography on these posters, I created a variable display typeface and two text versions. Alpen Display and Alpen Text is currently being further developed and will be released as Arosa Display, Arosa Text and Arosa Script.


For a website designed by Johannes Verwoerd, I created a variable font based on the open source typeface Publica by Gustavo Ferreira, by pushing its extremes to 0 and 11. The website uses the same 26kb font file for all animations, menu and body text.


Collaborating with Esther de Boer, I designed a new corporate identity for Ghetto Radio Nairobi, that extended into the umbrella organisation THIS IS AFRICA shortly thereafter. We looked for a sturdy and prominent typeface that also had a personal flavour. Ghetto Radio's position as a strong community builder for different populations within the city is symbolised by the capital ligatures included in the custom typeface.


Also together with Esther de Boer, I designed a house typeface for her client DE TONEELMAKERIJ, a theatre company for kids and teenagers. Knowing Esther’s design preferences, I included a lot of icons in the typeface that became a key part of the identity.


This is Africa
De Toneelmakerij
Bühne Burgäschi