Edgar Walthert has a lot of experience and flexibility in TrueType hinting. Refined autohinting or manually hinted. PostScript hinting with Ghost Hints, horizontal and vertical hints. Explained by hinting expert Edgar Walthert.

TrueType Hinting

Now, thanks to the success of @font-face embedding, there are plenty of typefaces used on screen. Therefore hinting matters like never before.
Since MacOS and iOS ignore hints, designers neglect the fact that renderers on Android and Windows are still relying on them. Since bad hinting is worse than no hinting, be sure to ask an expert to finalise your fonts.

PostScript Hinting

While the technique of PostScript hinting is rather simple, there are countless typefaces on the market with bad or messed up hints. Investigating these typefaces after seeing their bad performance even on the Mac (yes InDesign and Acrobat are interpreting hints), the source of the bad rendering seems to be due to autohinting or cluelessness during production. Some typefaces can be hinted perfectly with automated tools, in other cases an algorithm might just not understand the shape of the letters and make totally nonsensical connections.

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