Comparing map of universal languages by Edgar Walthert for The Palace of Typographic Masonry Grid fitted icons for optimal display on screens by Edgar Walthert for Sketches for Ligocal typeface symbols Icons included in DE TONEELMAKERIJ typeface designed by Edgar Walthert, collaborating with Esther de Boer


In a globalised world, icons are becoming increasingly important to bridge languages and writing systems. With the release of my typeface Logical, I followed a personal interest in how languages can be translated into symbolic forms. I developed this further through an invitation from Richard Niessen to curate the Annex of Universal Languages at the Palace of Typographic Masonry.

Grid Fitting

Even in times of high-resolution displays, fitting an icon or logo to the grid makes a big difference. It's like mastering a track for perfect radio-play. Without this, the result almost appears the same, but somewhat fuzzy and undefined. Fitting logos to the grid is crucial when designing for applications and user interfaces or other usages on screen.


the Annex of Universal Languages