Agile Typeface released at Village Incubator, designed by Edgar Walthert Logical Typfece with automated icons, released at Bold Monday, designed by Edgar Walthert. Sonic Waves sounding typeface for designed by Edgar Walthert

Since my graduation from TypeMedia in 2007 at the KABK, I have released two retail type families at different type foundries.


My graduation typeface Agile was released at Village in New York. With Agile I investigated the possibility of adding more flavour and liveliness into the digital age of type-design. Read more about this process in Jan Middendorp's generous review on Typographica.


In the design and production of Logical, released in 2018 at Bold Monday, I was able to include my passion for icons and pictograms by adding a feature that translates words into symbols.

Sonic Waves

This experimental typeface was created for dublab, a radio station based in Los Angeles, and was drawn using sound waves that can actually be played as an audio file. Over the years, I've also collaborated with dublab as a DJ and designer.


Logical minisite
Logical at Bond Monday
Agile at Village